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The Decision Making Process Of An E Commerce Site

When it comes to launching an e-commerce site selling directly to consumers, there are many risks to be considered in the decision-making process. For A Couple of Squares, they need to consider the sheer time commitment it takes to run the online aspect of a business. Erb and Bradshaw wants to make sure the system is all put in order before they start to take orders to prevent any unwanted work or stress for the staff once the website is launched. With this Erb says the website will take of half of her time before the launch and more afterwards. (CITE)(B) Another risk is the impact of launching a website might have their already established B2B (business to business) customers. The owners fear these customers may feel they are trying to take away their B2C (business to consumer) market and then withdrawal their business from the company. (CITE)(B) Finally, is the risk of selling their products in the United States. A Couple of Squares has already faced many challenges when shipping to U.S. customers. One of these challenges in the brokerage fees that could occur with cross-border transactions. 2. For the first risk, minimizing or organizing time is key. It will be important to draw up a schedule and stick with it but adjust when necessary. With this Erb will be able to organize her time better and manage things without extreme stress. Another option is to have Erb and Bradshaw consider hiring on someone to handle the online aspect of the business that is an expert in theShow MoreRelatedImpact Of E Commerce On Global Economy1352 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Impact of E-Commerce on Global Economy It is exciting area especially E-Commerce. The advancement in World Wide Web, computers and mobile wireless communication technologies are transforming the way business is conducted. The success stories of Amazon, eBay are few examples. New technologies have provided the required platform for innovation, growth, shopping convenience, and price advantage due to the boundary less competition. Business leaders across the industry are developingRead MoreIn This Technology Era, It Is Essential To Have A Web Presence1476 Words   |  6 Pagesis prominent is E-commerce, allowing the business to have a web frontend, which provides the same services as traditional commerce world. The rapid changing technology had provided the opportunity for the companies to reach to a wide variety of consumers not just across the nation but also throughout the world. Based on the observation of how a small-sized business can reach more clients spread across the world, one of the high achiever’s path was to have a user-friendly e-commerce website to keepRead MoreSample Persuasive Message1317 Words   |  6 PagesWorkplace Electronic commerce has become a part of everyday lives. Many retail choices available through the Internet, which can save time, effort, and provide a greater selection. Electronic retailers (e tailers) realize this has become an increasingly competitive environment. These retailers must not only find new customers but also retain the existing customers. As with any retail-company, business research is vital for their existence. E-tailers must understand customer behaviorsRead MoreCom470 Behaviors of E-Tailing1329 Words   |  6 PagesBehaviors of E-Tailing Maximino Ruiz University of Phoenix Behaviors of E-Tailing Technology changes the way companies do business throughout the globe. At one period in history when a technological change was introduced in an organization, it was a big deal because, unlike current advancements, the changes were not made so frequently. Every day, upgrades and new products are developed to make companies more efficient and productiveRead MoreInformation and Strategy on the E-commerce Website 756 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction: This report gives us detail information about e-commerce electronic web site which is based on an online order with high quality content information to customers. This enterprise was started 40 years ago by Bill Crutchfield as a print â€Å"miagalog† with an objective to provide a new and better approach of shopping experience. Currently the company has built one of the most successful consumer electronics stores online by providing more informative content than its competitionRead MoreThe Secret to the Success of Amazon1488 Words   |  6 Pagescheckout process increases process increase cart abandonment and decreases conversion (Severt, 2). It is also important not to have other distractions during the online checkout. At the normal store customers need something to keep them waiting in line. Online however, and recommendations or the number of buttons pressed can lead to empting the shopping cart. Amazon was ahead of this when it lunched it’s  "Login and pay with Amazon† function. This surly add to the already dominance of e-commerce by AmazonRead MoreInfo Systems1112 Words   |  5 PagesThe first step in a business process management is to A. Create components B. Implement processes C. Create a model D. Assess results 3) In the diagram, the rounded rectangles refer to: A. Decisions B. Data C. Activities D. Facilities E. None 4) The type of diagram shown is called: A. A standard, as-is process diagram B. A race-lane layout model C. A high-level subassembly D. A swim-lane layout model E. None 5) In this diagram,Read More3 Inherited Behaviors Essay1581 Words   |  7 Pagesof E-tailing Communication 470 Michael Zarvos September, 5, 2012 By: Aisha Syed E-commerce or Electronic Commerce has become a part of our everyday lives. The growth of World Wide Web is growing, more and more each day. Businesses practically live on the web. E-commerce growthRead MoreEvaluation Of A Transaction Processing System937 Words   |  4 Pagescomplete, available, reliable, and concise, timely, cost- effective. Decision support system is a system used to support decision making in an organization or business. DSS helps users to sift through and analyze data and compile information that can help solve problems and make better decisions. Decision support system characteristic are facilitation, interaction, ancillary, repeated, task-oriented, identifiable, and decision impact. b. MIS reports are often insufficient because for middle andRead MoreE Commerce Is A Process Of Buying Essay956 Words   |  4 PagesFuture of E-Commerce E-commerce is a process of buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging products, services, and/or information via electronic transactions. These business transactions occur either business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. E-Commerce is swiftly growing throughout the years with the development in Internet and innovation. The gigantic development of virtual groups - individuals getting together in ad hoc groups online - guarantees

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Essay on Karachi - 1130 Words

‘The city consists of relationships between the measurements of its space and the events of its past†¦A description of Zaira as it is today should contain all of its past. The city however does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand, written in the corners of the streets, the gratings of the windows, the banisters of the steps†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Calvino, 1974: 10-11) Like the city of Zaira, Karachi contains its past between layers of memories, each having a narrative of its own replete with personal history and anecdotes that help us understand the city for what it was and how it has changed over the years. In his essay on Karachi, In the Eye of the Storm, the author introduces us to the Saddar of his youth. His essay reveals a†¦show more content†¦Saddars clubs, bars and billiard rooms were seen as a den of vice and shady activities, hence there was a crackdown on all such premises which were forcibly closed down. In all seventeen bars and eleven billiard rooms were shut down. The hut bar and discothque is now an electronic shop, the paris bar and billiard room is a retail shop, the old tody shop is now Virgo restraint, the ritz bar –ritz snacks, Legourmnet bar and cabaret is the Sheraton hotel, lido bar and night club taken over by shops. Simultaneously the Karachi university whose student unions organized strikes and disruptions to destabalise the military government was deliberately relocated to the outskirts of the city. Deprived of its active youth population and participation Saddar quickly degenerated into its presnt state and the cafes and restraints lost a grea t chunk of there clinetale running into losses these places had to be shut down. Cultural activities now have to be relocated to other parts of the city problems of access, no centre for cultural activities. Karachi is essentially a dual city. The first a Victorian city of barracks, cantonments and municipal buildings runs as undercurrent to the present one of multinational corporations and banks, a chaotic city of noise, glamour and lights. This duality is apparent in the usage of street names in the Saddar district. Post independence, street names were slowly renamed from Victorian ones to those commemorating nationalShow MoreRelatedEssay on Isolation in Sherwood Andersons Winesburg, Ohio797 Words   |  4 Pagesholds true to the population of Winesburg, Ohio. This is the hunger of life.    Works Cited Anderson, David. Sherwood Andersons Moments of Insight. Critical Studies in American Literature A Collection of Essays. Karachi, Pakistan: University of Karachi, 1964. Anderson, Sherwood. Winesburg, Ohio. New York: Dover Publications, Inc. 1995. Howe, Irving. The Book of the Grotesque. Sherwood Anderson. New York: William Sloan Associates, 1957.   Read MoreFashion Marketing17446 Words   |  70 PagesASSIGNMENT TITLE CREDIT RATING LEVEL STAFF RESPONSIBLE TIME FRAME Spring The Context of Fashion Essay Ten credits H3 Dr Wessie Ling Issue date: week commencing 13.03.06 Hand in to School Office (Room 322 Davies Street) no later than 12.00pm on Mon, 24 April 2006. Attn: to Dr Wessie Ling. Essay are bound, marked with students’ names, and all pages are numbered. Choose from one of the following essay titles: - Conspicuous consumption: Past, present or future? - Democratisation of luxury: The futureRead MoreGuess Paper of Class 1sy Year English1570 Words   |  7 Pagesshading in your city. Letter to the editor expressing how you feel about some of the major problems of Karachi. Letter to the editor expressing your concern over increasing incidents of street crimes in the city. OR Important stories: Unity is strength Honesty is the best policy Tit for tat Pride hath a fall A friend in need is a friend indeed Q4- Important Essays: My Aim in life Problems of Karachi The happiest moment of my life Merits and demerits of internet Duties of a student Wonders of ScienceRead MoreDomestic Violence on Women in Society1730 Words   |  7 Pagesand mortality for women in every country where these associations have been studied. In a literature review one study in Karachi in 2000 reported that all husband surveyed admitted that they shouted at their wife, even when she was pregnant 32.8% admitted to having slapped, 77.1%admmitted to engaged in non-consensual sex with their wives. Another study conducted in Karachi in 1999 reported that 34% of the women had been physically abused by their husbands and 15% had been abused even while pregnantRead MoreImmigration Research : The United States Essay739 Words   |  3 PagesImmigration Research Essay Will Leach Mrs. Bademan 1/2A In recent years, millions of female middle eastern immigrants have fled the oppressive regimes from which they came from to seek safety in the U.S. During this seemingly abrupt process. However, many have found themselves sandwiched between the barriers of internal country complications and external country complications. These barriers are evident in the other side of the sky, when the farah is attempting to leave her home country but she canRead MoreQuaid E Azam3263 Words   |  14 Pages12 B Sir Giscard El khowry Feb-22-2009 Final Draft Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah My Topic is about any Leader, so In this world there are many leaders. We know most of them, but my essay is about â€Å"Quaid-e-Azam†. He was a Great politician and statesman of 20th century. He was generally known as the father of state of Pakistan. He was the leader of The Muslim League and served as the first Governor General of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam wasRead MoreIn this essay I will be discussing the role and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in event1500 Words   |  6 PagesIn this essay I will be discussing the role and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in event management in the 21st Century. I will research and report examples, with supporting evidence. Firstly, I shall begin with defining Corporate Social Responsibility and then I will turn my attention to the challenges of CSR along with, why it is crucial for businesses and what the outcomes are if Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is overlooked. Throughout this essay I will b e providing examples ofRead MoreThe Taliban Of The Swat Valley1092 Words   |  5 Pages Essay 1: Certain events change our impressions of life. For most people, it would be a dream to live surrounded by mountains and clear blue lakes, except if a terrorist group ruled the area. The Swat Valley, located in Pakistan, was reclaimed for its beauty, as it was situated near mountains. Tourism was one of the Swat Valley’s largest industries, until the area was seized by the Taliban. The Taliban used guns and bombs to terrorize the citizens of the Swat Valley, so citizens would succumb toRead MoreNeorealism As A Response Of Realism Theory Devised By Hans Morgenthau1662 Words   |  7 Pages(1993), Jervis (1997), and so forth with variations of definitions (Dibek, 2012). This essay uses the concept of neorealism from Waltz and its modification from Oye. The basic concept is that cooperation can still be developed under anarchy, or the absence of government, which associated with the occurrence of violence and lead to conflict (Waltz, 1979, p. 102-128 ; Oye, 1985, p. 1-24). The cooperation in this essay refers to the Indus Water Treaty (IWT). There are two main concepts of neorealism fromRead MoreThe Importance of External Factors in Influencing the Conducting of Us Foreign Policy1849 Words   |  8 PagesExternal Factors In Influencing The Conducting Of US Foreign Policy To answer the essay question, external factors are indeed important in influencing the conducting of American foreign policy, as they are for all countries. They are important because they determine the direction American foreign policy takes, and with it, can drastically alter the futures of entire countries (Iraq amp; Afghanistan post 9/11). This essay will devote itself to exploring and explaining how each external factor is important

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Recovery From A Mental Health - 984 Words

The term ‘Recovery’ carries many differing definitions both in the Medical and Mental Health domains. In medical terms, recovery is the act of regaining or returning to a normal or health state, being cured or experiencing no current symptoms (Mental Health Foundation UK, 2015). ‘Recovery from a mental health problem can be understood either as an outcome or as a process.’ Also known as ‘clinical recovery’ an outcome is present depends on whether the symptoms/problems are present or absent (Serafà ­n Lemos-Girà ¡ldez 2015). Usually involving a reduction or absence of symptoms and a significant improvement in occupational and social functioning, an outcome does not change from person to person. On the other hand, individuals who go through a process in order to live a joyful and fulfilling life, experience personal recovery. (Serafà ­n Lemos-Girà ¡ldez 2015). This form of recovery involves learning to become self-managing of one’s illness, whether recurring symptoms are at that point in time present and working towards a self-caring, independent and fulfilling life. The definition of a satisfying like varies from one individual to the next. This is why each consumer’s recovery journey is personal and tailored to fi t their goals and beliefs (Serafà ­n Lemos-Girà ¡ldez 2015). According to the United Kingdom’s Mental Health foundation (2015) the concept of recovery is about ‘the individual staying in control of their life despite experiencing a mental health problem.’ The aim of theShow MoreRelatedThe Article Factors Associated On Recovery From Schizophreni A Qualitative Study Of Thai Mental Health Nurses2706 Words   |  11 PagesInstructor: Ashley Snyder June 22, 2015 I. Introduction – In the article Factors Involved in Recovery From Schizophrenia: A Qualitative Study of Thai Mental Health Nurses by Kaewprom, C., Curtis, J., and Deane, F.P. talks about a study they conducted during their time in Thailand. During the study the researchers chose at random 24 nurses from two different hospitals and one mental facility. Once the nurses where chosen they were asked several questions about how they felt about theirRead MoreThe Mental Health Treatment Of Australia1571 Words   |  7 PagesIn the Mental Health treatment we can distinguish two different approaches to patient treatment, this is known as models of treatment, firstly we have a medical model, and secondary we a using person recovery model. To understanding of recovery in Australia, we have to acknowledge that is heavily influenced by recovery research and literature from the USA, Canada and New Zealand It is suggested that the term â€Å"recovery† has been adopted in Australia from the late 1980s (Lakeman, 2004, p.212; McGrathRead MoreMental Health Service Delivery Models1146 Words   |  5 PagesMental health illness is related to a group of illness, anxiety and stress are the most common health problems. Mental illness affects how a person feels, thinks, behaves, and interacts with other people (Department of Health, 2007). Mental health service delivery models in Australia has significantly changed from institutional care to the community care setting (Frost et al., 2017). This easy will discuss about he changes in services before and post institutional, how recovery model introduced inRead MoreThe Stages Of Recovery Instrument945 Words   |  4 Pages There are five main stages of recovery, according to the Stages of Recovery Instrument (Serafà ­n Lemos-Girà ¡ldez, 2015) ranging from Stage 1 (a negative identity) to Stage 5 (a positive sense of self), (Andersen, 2006). †¢ Moratorium – A time of withdrawal characterized by a profound sense of loss and hopelessness. ‘I feel as though I don’t know who I am anymore.’ (Andresen, 2006). †¢ Awareness – Realization that all is not lost and that a fulfilling life is possible. ‘I have recently begun to recognizeRead MoreThe Recovery And Clinical Recovery1607 Words   |  7 PagesRecovery is quite a complex concept, as people have different perceptions of its meaning and what it looks like, which is why there are two recovery perspectives in mental health, which is personal recovery and clinical recovery. Clinical recovery is described as a cure to symptoms due to medical treatments (McCranie, 2010). Clinical recovery was the main approach mental health professionals used in the 1980s not only in New Zealand, but also around the world. This is due to people’s perception thatRead MoreEvaluation Of A Recovery Oriented Practitioner1006 Words   |  5 PagesThe purpose of this work is to critically review and compare the following articles; -Recovery From Schizophrenia: With Views of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Others Diagnosed With This Disorder -Becoming a Recovery-Oriented Practitioner. We would start by analysing each article with a view to understanding the similarities and differences that will be later discussed. Recovery From Schizophrenia: With Views of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Others Diagnosed With This Disorder The articleRead MoreType 2 Diabetes And Psychotic Depression Essay1333 Words   |  6 Pagesdelaying the diagnosis or detection of co-occurring diabetes. Risk Assessment in Mental Health Mental health services can manage risk and safety more effectively by involving service users in planning for safety. However, conventional clinical techniques of risk assessment are obstacles to creating normal and risk-free physical life for admitted and recovering mental health patients. It is recommended that mental service givers and patients should work jointly to develop and implement effectiveRead MoreThe Ethical Imperative Of Recovery Oriented Practices1746 Words   |  7 Pagesarticles; Mental illness and wellbeing: the central importance of positive psychology and recovery approached (Slade, 2010) and Preserving the Person: The Ethical Imperative of Recovery-Oriented Practices (Atterbury , 2014)and its impact on practice. For both articles the dominant theme which runs through is recovery. There is no exact meaning of recovery in mental health. Professional meaning of recovery differentiate between clinical recovery, where there is no symptoms, and social recovery, whereRead MoreThe Principles Of Psychosocial Rehabilitation1472 Words   |  6 Pagesthe principle. The article that will be summarized in this answer will be Making the Case for Peer Support’ Report to the Mental Health Commission of Canada Mental Health Peer Support Project Committee. This journal is about the principle and value of peer support. The authors of this report believe that people who have experienced mental illness and gain a state of recovery can be a benefit to others who are starting their journey. Peer support is a benefit because it has the abilities to promoteRead MoreDr. X And Its Effects On Society1621 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction/Summary of Video Mrs. X appeared to be in her early 60s. She is marry and is a Law professor. She suffer from Chronic Schizophrenia. According the DSM-5, Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that can disturb normal thoughts, speech, and behavior. She stated, she feel like she is in a bad dream, however, she experience no relief because she cannot wake up from it. She experience a psycho breakdown in college, the day she put a blanket around her and went running around the campus shouting

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Lyndon Baines Johnson Epitomized Texas In His Stature,

Lyndon Baines Johnson epitomized Texas in his stature, his attitude, his tone, and his attitude. He was a force to be reckoned with and he used each of these attributes to push for legislation that he felt deeply about. His major influences were his parents and the rustic Hill Country of Texas. Johnson was born August 27, 1908, in Stonewall, Texas on an isolated farm in the Texas Hill Country to Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr. and Rebekah Baines Johnson. His mother was a woman â€Å"†¦ who treasured poetry, revered knowledge, and detested anything dirty or shabby †¦Ã¢â‚¬  She wanted to make sure her children received an education. Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr. came from a family of farmers and ranchers but did not share their love or skill of farming and in 1913 he†¦show more content†¦Lyndon expertly used this technique with great success and it would later be called â€Å"The Treatment.† Lyndon Johnson attended Southwest Texas Teacher’s College in San Marcos, Texas, but he ran out of money and had to quit school for a year while he worked as a teacher and principal for a Mexican-American school in Cotulla, Texas. This experience had an enormous impact on Johnson and this would influence his political career. The school did not provide meals for the students, they had no playground equipment, so he purchased sporting equipment and required the teachers to encourage games on the playgrounds. He also expected much from his students, he required them to work hard and to learn to speak English and created a debate program to practice their skills. He eventually graduated and became a high school teacher in Houston where his students excelled in debate. He would later push his staff like he pushed his students to work long and hard. Johnson’s political career officially began in 1930, when he was recommended to Congressman Richard Kleberg as a congressional secretary. Kleberg was more of an absentee congressman and Johnson ran his office and worked the staff into exhaustion. He worked to meet people and build his political network, Johnson was in his element. The Great Depression had impacted the entire nation and during this time, letters from Texas came into Kleberg’s office asking for help. Johnson felt helpless and wanted

Social Media Has a Negative Effect on Body Image and Self...

Social media has become one of the most popular sources of communication for the upcoming generation. For young people growing up in today’s society, social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have provided pictures and news that have become the first thing that their eyes see in the morning and the last thing that they see before bed. These pictures have provided unrealistic standards as to what is considered beautiful in today’s society. As young people refer to these images as a form of comparison, it has created harmful circumstances. These influences on the lives of young people have forced them to take extreme measures and in some cases, has been the cause of death. Social media in today’s society has proven to†¦show more content†¦81) These standards are clearly represented in social media. From accounts on Instagram that encourage things such as thigh gaps, unhealthy fitness standards and sexual encounters, it’s engraine d in the brains of young people that they must look like this in order to be successful and desired. This article also discusses the way negative standards are represented through things such as Barbie Dolls, which surrounds young females with unrealistic expectations and creates and idealized standard that is in fact, not ideal. (Carniero, 2013, p. 82) From the standards that are created through today’s social media, it has created it a new subculture and for some people, a new way of life. Due to the increase in popularity of social media, today’s generation is bombarded with unrealistic standards when it comes to beauty. When young people today first turn on their cellphones, more often than not, they refer to a social media site. Whether it’s the ever-popular Instagram, where people can post pictures and followers can â€Å"like† to show their approval or post comments. Or, whether it’s Twitter, where people can post witty or inspiring or informational things for their followers to see and can be retweeted or favourited. Or they could click on the little blue Facebook icon, where all of the above can happen. These are some of the most popular social media outlets today because young people areShow MoreRelatedHow Does The Media Affect Male Body Image?874 Words   |  4 PagesExploratory Analysis: How Does The Media Effect Male Body Image? Today in modern society, we are driven by social forces. Not only do we strive for human approval and companionship, we also thrive on social media. The media plays such a pivotal role in what we buy, eat, wear, etc. that we are conditioning ourselves to fit the mold for the â€Å"perfect† or â€Å"ideal† body type. This social construct has been a pressing issue for many years regarding the female physique, but not as much has been said on behalf of menRead MoreMedia s Effect On Self Esteem1731 Words   |  7 Pagesthe media has become ever-increasingly present in our everyday lives. The latest fashion editorials and the most exclusive celebrity selfies are always just a click away. Something so pervasive, however, should be intently studied and handled with extreme caution due to the vast influence it can have over its audience’s mind. Too much exposure to certain stimuli has previously been shown to affect cognition and behavior in adolescents. So why sh ould media be any different? Social media appsRead MoreSocial Media Allows People To Share Pictures And Ideas1057 Words   |  5 PagesSocial media allows people to share pictures and ideas with others across the world. Women and girls can use social media to earn approval for their appearance and compare themselves to others. Women during this time period that are so heavily impacted by the media can link their self-worth to their looks. I used scholarly articles all relating to how social media affects body image to decide what my view point was. After research, we can conclude that social media has a negative effect on a woman’sRead MoreHow Does Self Discrepancy Of Media Influenced Body Image Affect Adolescents Self Esteem?1235 Words   |  5 PagesSection A: Project Details Title: How does self-discrepancy of media-influenced body image affect adolescents’ self-esteem? Abstract: Research has shown that exposure to thin-ideal media is related to body dissatisfaction. Consequently, the accumulated dissatisfying emotions regarding one’s body can evolve into distorted body perception. Such disturbed body image has been evident as associated with low self-esteem. Nonetheless, little research has sought to elucidate the rationales for these perplexedRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effects On Society1564 Words   |  7 Pagesgreat advancements, allowing for the age of social media to be born and subsequently shaped into what it is today. Social media has become so largely desirable to modern day society due to its large and easy accessibility amongst citizens. However, social networking sites such as Facebook have been found to have negative impacts on individual’s social and psychological well being including things such as basic empathetic social skills1 (Chan 2014). Social awareness and the ability to communicate withRead MoreStudies of Social Media and its Effects on Adolescent’s Body Image 1166 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout the years, technology has evolved into something people cannot live without. Mixed in with all of the improvements, social media has become a major asset in the lives of people. Social media can include websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but can also include video games and magazines. However, social media is not always genuine. In the mindset of adolescents, these medias help to create unrealistic ideas of who they are and who they should be. As if going through puberty isn’tRead MoreThe Effects Of Social Media On Young Girls And Women Alike1474 Words   |  6 PagesSocial media plays an immense role in the way that stereotypes about attractiveness is conveyed in regards to body image. As Gerbner and Gross wrote in 1976, the cultivation theory states that high frequency viewers of television are more susceptible to media messages and the belief that they are real and valid. The subjection to social media can cause an idealistic view amongst young girls and women alike. Among the mechanisms of human agency none is more central or pervasive than beliefs of personalRead MoreMass Media Effects on Women1721 Words   |  7 Pages Mass media Effects on women Advertisement put adverse impact on women’s these could be internal or external. Internally when women watch ideal or thin images of models in advertisement then they feel very unattractive compare to the models in commercials. They feel lower self-esteem and self-concept in them and it generates anxiety or depression in women. According to article† negative body image is associated with poor self-esteem, anxiety about social evaluation, public self-consciousnessRead MoreThe Study Of Body Image1572 Words   |  7 PagesThe study of body image is a broad topic that touches many subjects including gender. However, the study of body image has been focused mainly on females. This is because the physical shape and image of male bodies have not changed over the history. From the ancient Greek until the modern era, the masculinity is the predominant stereotype for men. Masculine traits include courage, independence and assertiveness (Judith, 2001; Murray, 2000). In contrast to the male body, the female figures have beenRead MoreLiterature Review : Body Image1173 Words   |  5 PagesLiterature Review: Body Image â€Å"Act 2: Extending Theory on Social Media and Body Concerns† shows the pattern and connection between social media and body image. People that are already affected by vulnerable factors, such as low self-esteem, depression, perfectionism and the thought that appearance is essential to self-worth, seek the gratifications that come from using social media. For example, if someone is feeling unattractive, but a picture they posted online is getting liked and commented on

Business Process Description

Question: Give a brief description of Business Process. Answer: Description of Business Process:- A baker can be described as the person, who uses to bake and sell breads and cakes by using oven or other concerted heat source. The workplace, where the baker uses to make the products, is called bakery. Key Business Activities:- The key business activities of the bakery firm, mentioned in the case study are described below:- Production of Bakery Products:- The firm, mainly, concentrates on manufacturing bread and other confectionary products. It also focuses on the health factors of the products. Distribution of Products:- The firm, apart from manufacturing, also sells its products through various distribution channels, which include many supermarkets and pub-chains. Manual Accounting of Operation:- The firm maintains the accounts of its business activities manually. It has employed an accountant to record the accounts and also to prepare the financial statements annually. Staff Employment:- The firm has employed nearly 70 employees for conducting the business operation. It also maintains their salary accounts through manual process (Warren et al. 2013). Business Process Development:- Implementation of Crucial Business Processes:- The turnover of the firm in the last year was quite impressive and it can be stated that now it can be categorized under medium scale business. It has been described in the case study that the firm has been enjoying a steady growth over the few years due to some of its products (Turk et al. 2014). The main matter of concern is the lack of proper accounting and data recording system. The company should implement the following business processes to make its business activities more effective:- Determination of Cost of Sales:- The basic activity of the firm is manufacturing. Moreover, it use to manufacture various products, which include different materials and different processes. Therefore, the firm should implement a proper accounting system, which can determine the manufacturing cost of the products properly. Cost Effective Production Process:- The production system should be accounted in such a method, which can control the cost of the products and helps to develop more cost effective production system. Periodical Analysis:- As being a FMCG manufacturer, the firm should implement such procedure, which can analyze the financial performance of the firm over short periods. Proper Payroll Structure:- There must be a proper payroll structure and payroll accounting system for the payment of salary and other contributions, paid to the employees (Turk et al. 2014). Information Analysis:- There are various business related information, which should be preserved and analyzed properly through suitable techniques. Financial Statement Preparation:- Though the firm use to prepare financial statements every year, there should be a proper system by which firm can be able to prepare the basic structure of the financial statements at any part of the year with the financial information of that particular period. Tax Payment:- Tax is an important liability of any organization. Therefore, the firms should maintain such techniques or methods, which can make the tax return process easier (Leon 2015). Outcomes from the Proposed Processes:- The above mentioned processes can deliver the following outcomes, which can be proved to be very beneficial for the firm:- Better Pricing Strategy:- The cost of sales is the base of the selling price of any product or service. Therefore, by implementing proper costing system, the firm will be able to determine the accurate cost of sales. It will help the firm to determine the selling prices properly and change the pricing strategy, whenever required very easily. Cost Effective Production System:- It has been observed that in the manufacturing units, there are many indirect costs, which use to arise due to inefficient utilization of material or labor. Cost control system will be able to determine that factors, responsible for the inefficient usage and helps to eliminate or reduce such factors. Better control over the Financial Performances:- By the periodical analysis of the financial information, the firm will be analyze the financial performances of short accounting periods. Therefore, it will be very easy for the management to take necessary preventive measures, if the results of the analysis would come negative and also determine the positive traits for the success over a very short period and can utilize the factor for long term also. Increase the Profitability :- Hence, by eliminating or reducing the excessive cost factors and improving the efficiency level of production and other business activities, the firm can increase its profitability. Moreover, the firm can also analyze the information of the related market and the competitors to set their market strategies accordingly. Requirements in the Accounting Software:- Bakery requires such an accounting software, which use to have the following features:- Cost Analysis:- The accounting software should have some features that can effectively record the production cost and also can produce the reports whenever required. It will be better if it can show the comparison of the various cost items over the various periods (Robey et al. 2013). Record Documentation:- A medium scale business house use to have thousands of accounting transactions in a year. From the accounting perspectives, all the transactions are equally important and relevant for the financial statements. Even, financial statements of previous years are also required sometime for evaluating the business and its performance. Therefore, the software should have the system to record the data periodically so that whenever necessary, those information can be extracted from the system easily (Weygandt et al. 2015). Basic Financial Structure:- The accounting software should have the feature to facilitate the basic financial structures of a firm. There should be proper systems for accounting the debtors, creditors and inventories. It should also have the payroll accounting system to record the salary payments and other financial benefits of the employees. There must be some features to record the daily cash transactions and can also provide the brief summary of the financial statements in short intervals. Moreover, the accounting software can be operated through internal network of the firm and there should be some necessary security procedures so that only the selected persons can access the important features and information (Stice and Stice 2013). Software Selection:- Accounting Software Package Vendors:- As per the above mentioned requirements, three accounting package vendors are selected and the details of their individual accounting software packages are gone through from their respective websites (Kirchmer 2012). The vendors are SAP, MYOB and DacEasy. Selection of Accounting Software System:- There are various accounting software available in the market. The firm has to select the proper accounting software according its accounting system and business structure. The accounting software are classified into three different segments low, medium and high- end software. The features of these three types are explained below:- Low End Accounting Software:- Low end software is applicable for very small business houses and individual professionals, like advocates, doctors. It is mainly based on the single accounting system. Medium End Accounting Software:- Medium end software is based on the double entry system and cover the basic accounting features of any business entity. It can fulfill the primary requirements of profit-earning organizations. High End Accounting Software:- High end softwares are highly ptrogressive software, which can be very effective for advanced accounting system. The network system of the organization should be highly advanced for better application of such software (Christie 2012). Bakery should select medium end accounting software for its business operation. It can serve their purpose quite satisfactorily. Implementation of high-end accounting software is very costly and, moreover, it requires longer period to implement the system. Vendor Selection:- Comparison between the Accounting Software Packages:- The two accounting software packages meant for small and medium enterprises are DacEasy and MYOB. Both the softwares comprised of four sections and this include stock, pay structure, debtors and creditors. The financial reports of the enterprises can be constructed in a wide variety of ways. The analysis of the software has been done on the basis of several grounds and this include ease in using the software, options of reporting , helping in documentation , its scalability and costs and all the factors are discussed below (Dimaggio 2013). Assisting in documentation : Online and printed documents can be made available using both the software. Correct location in the index can be found by the DacEasy software. Variety of options is available by searching the help button on the screen whereas MOB has button attached to every screen and the information can be accessed quickly. Pay structure : The DacEasy helps in setting up direct deposits and it categorize the tax deposits, employees, month, quarter, yearend in order to administer the pay structure. The pay structure in MYOB can be administered by using several options but the employees status cannot be specified. Scalability and costs : The difference between the pricing of the two software is not significant . the single user version of both the software are sold but the multiple user version of the software are networked. Ease in using the software : Daceasy can be operated easily and the user has a option of navigating through the screen from section to section. The design of tool bars is not convenient for the user as it is not designed properly . on the other hand, the structure of MYOB is easy nad convenient to use . every accounting tasks is mapped by the systematic instruction which is of a great help for the beginners in the financial management. The process of installing the software is also easy. Any section of a particular program can be accessed quickly with the help of navigation bar. Time billing : The time billing option is not provided by the DacEasy software but the pay roll section which is provided can be filled with time billing data, so that the billing report at a time could be obtained. in case of MYOB , billing time with reference to the respective credit terms can be set. Options of reporting : The versatility of DacEasy in generating the report is less and can only produce fifty types of reports whereas MYOB is capable of producing over one hundred ninety types of reports and this would be quite helpful in capturing and presenting the information about vendor, employee details, about company and its customer (Leon 2015). Payable accounts or creditors : The vendor section in DacEasy provides with the options of tools of several accounts payable . printing cheques, managing vendors, and quotes and purchase order can be processed easily but the customization of the same cannot be done. MYOB supports electronic payment and the tax forms , purchase orders and quotes can be easily printed. The credit memos for the vendor cannot be created using this software (Hall 2012). Debtors or receivable of accounts : The details regarding the customers such as invoicing, sales , banking, forms, are sub categorized by this software. The items to be shipped cannot be estimated and invoices by email cannot be send using this software. On the other hand, the accounts receivable under MYOB can be managed easily . the calculation regarding the customer charges and incomes and also various charge relating to finance can be done easily. The costs of shipping and the cannot be estimated and the shipments cannot be tracked as the software does not provide any shipment tools (Kim and Feamster 2013.). Selection of the Suitable Accounting Software Package:- MYOB is more capable accounting software for the bakery business because it helps in producing a wide variety of financial reports and is quite user friendly. Though the coat of both the software packages are almost same and there is no significant difference between the costs. The installation process of MYOB is easy in comparison to DecEasy and its structure is quite easy. MYOB facilitates the transfer or say export and import of information and data to and from other software packages and this two way transfer facility is not available in DecEasy software program.. the types of reports produce by the MYOB is much more than the DecEasy, so it can be concluded that MYOB is more versatile than he DecEAsy. MYOB comes with the option of setting the billing time and no such option to set bill time is available in DecEasy. The cost of inventory items can be done by using both the methods of LIFO and FIFO and method of using average and standard costs as well, so it is far more versatile than the software of DecEasy. The beginners in financial management can use the MYOB software with ease as it has a systematic instruction of carrying every accounting tasks. Though some additional facilities should be provided so that the small and medium enterprises can carry out their activities with ease. The program of the software should support multiple users at security levels which are different and also they should provide for the transmitting the data over the internet or the company. MYOB provides the users with the printing facility and all the financial charges relating to the customers such as invoice, purchase orders, forms of tax can be printed easily. All the above points discussed above put the software MYOB in a better position to be used by the enterprises than the DecEasy. And it would be appropriate for the baking industry to install MYOB as their software program. Reference List:- Christie, A.M., 2012.Software process automation: the technology and its adoption. Springer Science Business Media Dimaggio, C., 2013.Introduction(pp. 1-5). Springer New York. Hall, J., 2012.Accounting information systems. Cengage Learning Kim, H. and Feamster, N., 2013. Improving network management with software defined networking.Communications Magazine, IEEE,51(2), pp.114-119. 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Assumptions underlying agile software development processes.arXiv preprint arXiv:1409.6610. Varastegani, B. and Yang, T.A., 2013. Tropical fruits: a new frontier in the bakery industry.International Journal of Medical Sciences and Biotechnology,1, pp.51-60. Warren, C., Reeve, J. and Duchac, J., 2013.Corporate financial accounting. Cengage Learning. Weygandt, J.J., Kimmel, P.D. and Kieso, D.E., 2015.Financial Managerial Accounting. John Wiley Sons

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Diagnosed with Acute Appendicitis

Question: Describe the Report for Diagnosed with Acute Appendicitis. Answer: The case study is on Ajay Mahajan, an 18 year old student who has been diagnosed with acute appendicitis and he has been operated for laparoscopic appendectomy. Appendix or vermiform is a blind-ended tube connected to the cecum located within the lower right abdomen. It acts as a storehouse that produces good bacteria that reboots the digestive system; however, it is regarded as a useless remnant organ from the evolutionary past. Inflammation and infection in this organ lead to appendicitis. The enlargement and inflammation of this organ might also be the reason that Ajay developed appendicitis. Clinical manifestation of appendicitis is severe pain in lower abdomen along with nausea and vomiting. Ajay also had continued pain overnight he felt nauseous and vomited many times. If untreated, the inflamed appendix might also burst and spread infectious material into the abdominal cavity. This will lead to the risk of developing peritonitis that can be fatal for patients (Papandria et al. , 2013). Ajays appendix had also ruptured that is why he had to undergo open appendectomy. The pathophysiology of acute appendicitis is that occurs due to the multiplication of bacteria within appendiceal lumen and swelling of the appendix. It leads to increased intraluminal pressure and obstruction of venous drainage. In severe cases, the disease may progress to necrosis and gangrene due to the combination of bacterial infection and ischemia (Wolfe et al., 2013). Perforation of appendix takes place within 72 hours, and it is mostly seen in younger children than in adults. In the initial stage, the pain is normal, but as the inflammation worsens, more intense pain develops. After the progression of the disease, inflammatory fluid releases into the abdominal cavity, and then peritonitis develops. The location and seriousness of the condition depend on the degree of spillage of luminal contents (Bignel et al., 2016). Most of the time, surgery is the treatment options for this condition, but in very condition, antibiotics are given. Appendectomy is performed on patients to re move the appendix by open surgery. While open surgery involves creating a 2-4 inches long incision, laparoscopic surgery involved creating small incision by special surgical tools to remove the appendix. The advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that it helps patient to recover faster along with less pain and scarring. However, laparoscopic surgery is not appropriate during peritonitis. In the case of rupture of the appendix, open appendectomy helps to clean the abdominal cavity. That is why open appendectomy was appropriate for Ajay instead of laparoscopic appendectomy. Although appendectomy is the only curative treatment of appendicitis, management of appendiceal mass can also be done by intravenous antibiotic therapy. Salminen et al., (2015) compared antibiotic therapy with appendectomy in the treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis. The randomized controlled trial showed that patients randomized to antibiotic treatment for appendicitis did not required appendectomy during t he one year follow-up period and those required surgey did not experienced any complications (Salminen et al., 2015). In case of patients with large, well-defined abscess, percutaneous drainage with IV antibiotic is performed, and catheter is attached to patient (Drake et al., 2014). Ajay Mahajan was diagnosed with acute appendicitis after he was admitted to the hospital for acute pain and vomiting. He was recommended laparoscopic surgery, however, when the surgeon began the procedure it was found that his appendix has ruptured. Finally, he was operated on an open appendectomy with peritoneal lavage. Post the surgery he was transferred to the post-anaesthetic recovery room (PARU). Before Ajay's discharge from PARU, it is necessary for nurse to assess vital signs of patient. Ajay's readiness to discharge from PARU is dependent on the stability of vital signs compared to Ajay's preoperative data. The necessary outcome for discharge includes good body temperature control, proper ventilation and orientation to surroundings, minimal pain, nausea, adequate urine output and fluid and electrolyte balance (Rothrock, 2014). As Ajay was operated under anesthesia during an appendectomy, the surgery may have effect on his vital sign. It is necessary to assess his vital signs because anesthesia has effect on ventilation. Some complications were found after Ajay's vital signs were assessed. His blood pressure was low, and his body temperature was also below normal. The average oxygen saturation level is 90%, but Ajay O2 Saturation level was 94%. He was also hypoxic as his respiration rate was ten which are below normal rate. This is because anesthesia along with neuromuscular drugs results in the loss of airway potency in patients. It occurs because of relaxation of pharyngeal muscle and posterior displacement of tongue (Fox et al., 2014). Patients lose the ability to manage secretions. This cumulative effect of anesthesia results in airway obstruction and obstruction of gases in and out of lungs lead to hypoxia in patients. Post appendectomy, Ajay can also face problem due to reduced ventilation. The anesth etic drugs used during surgery causes reduction in ventilator minute volume according to the dose given to patients (Dahl Spreng, 2016). For example, opioids lead to reduction in respiratory rate, volatile antibiotic causes reduction in tidal volume. Due to reduced ventilation, tachycardia, vasodilation, hypertension is seen in patients. Another possible effect of anesthetics on ventilation is it delays return of spontaneous ventilation and reduces patient ability to compensate (Cooper Hutson, 2016). Therefore, due to this effect of anesthesia on patient's ventilation, assessment is necessary to check whether Ajay's vital signs have stabilized or not. Then only he can be discharged from PARU. On patients entry into PARU, nurses first need to monitor Ajays current status. They go through the surgery report regarding what type of anesthetics was given to patient. Assessment of ventilation, consciousness and circulation help to anticipate how quickly patient can recover and discharge from PARU. They determine the fluid and electrolyte balance in patients by the report on IV fluid and blood products administered to patient. On admission to PARU, Ajay was drowsy and supine. His mouth was dry and he felt cold. Different vital signs are checked because surgery and anesthesia have many effects on the vital signs of patient. After appendectomy, anesthesia also has effect on circulation. The process of circulation is dependent on overall effect of the cardiac output, blood volume, and peripheral vascular resistance. Different types of anesthesia may affect circulatory control in Ajay by having impact on left ventricular function and distribution of cardiac output. It decreases card iac output and peripheral resistance due to the concentration of anesthetic agents in blood (Moitra et al., 2012). General anesthesia also modifies physiological and pharmacological stimuli. Ajay may also have problem because of anesthesia and surgical intervention effects splanchnic and hepatic circulation. The degree to which circulation is altered by anesthesia in patient is determined by status of ventilation, degree of hypoxia, relaxants, and the metabolic acidosis. Assessment of vital sign helps to determine the level of improvement required in patients and how they can recover. Most of the anesthetics decrease portal blood flow and lead to reduced cardiac output (Mundiyanapurath et al., 2015). Thus, surgical procedure plays key role in the circulatory disturbance, and the anesthesia plays a modifying role in it. In different type of surgeries, anesthesia is used to dissect the nervous system and block pain in the selected area. The degree of consciousness is determined by the dose and type of anesthesia. Therefore assessment of airway potency, vital signs, and level of consciousness are the first priority for patients. In some cases, the immediate effect will be that it acts on the brain cortex and abolish responsiveness, but not consciousness. However, unconsciousness may ensue when posterior parietal region of brain is inactivated. It interrupts cortical communication and loss of stability (Constant Sabourdin, 2015). Due to the effect of anesthesia also, patients develop muscle ache, hypothermia post surgery after patient gain consciousness. Post appendectomy, Ajay had poor body temperature control. This was found during assessment of his vital signs when his body temperature was found to be 35 C. This might have also occurred because of the effect of surgery/anesthetics as anesthesia imp airs thermoregulation (Sessler, 2016). However, suppression of this defense mechanism depends on dose of agent. It results in perioperative hypothermia. Hypothermia can also have adverse effects on patients such as increase in postoperative wound infection and morbid cardiac events. Fluid management is also essential after appendectomy because patient may have imbalance of fluids and blood due to surgical procedure. Administration of excess fluid may increase postoperative cardiac morbidity. Ajay has undergone open appendectomy following acute abdominal pain and vomiting. After Ajay had been transferred to the PARU, it was found that drowsy, his body felt cold, and his respirations rate was also low. After stability of his condition, he was transferred to the ward. He was able to ambulate and take fluids. A nicotine patch was also prescribed to him. At the time of discharge, Ajay was worried about how he will manage his activity as his family is not present in Australia. He realized that his life is out of control as he has been taking too many drugs and alcohol. Another concern was that he had no idea how he would manage his studies and cope with the situations. Based on the identification of current problems in patient, the discharge plan can be designed to aid him to manage his ailments properly at home. Ajay needs to put the dressing on his abdomen two times a day because of possible drainage from wounds. The patient needs to leave the Steri-strips in place for anoth er ten days and gently wash his incision with warm water soap. He should apply any ointment till six weeks. Ajay is also advised not to bath or soak in swimming pool. While taking shower, he must be careful to pat dry the incision area (Putnam et al., 2014). However, it is advisable that he does not take bath for few days after discharge. Ajay has also been prescribed nicotine replacement therapy by nicotine patch since he smokes a lot. It will act as a deterrent for him and help him to tackle withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, trouble in concentrating and restlessness. Ajay should apply this patch in the upper area of his body such as underarms. He can continue this therapy for four weeks (Sisler et al., 2015). Since Ajay has been operated by open laparoscopy surgery, he needs to take bland, low-fat diets like mashed potatoes, soup, rice, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, bananas and other foods. He should also avoid food that makes him constipated. In case he suffers from constipat ion he takes mild laxatives such as Metamucil and Citrucel (Christensen et al., 2016). To recover quickly, Ajay is advised not to increase his activity gradually by attending rehabilitation session post discharged. Physiotherapist will help them to manages ADLs (assistance with daily living) by preventing contractures, giving advice about post-surgery management and help him strenghthen his muscles by different exercises (Adams et al., 2015). It will not be good for him to lift heavy objects over 15 pounds as it may cause pain and stress in the area of incision. Therefore, he should avoid lifting object for six weeks. In case of abdominal pain, he can take oral Tramadol and Metronidazole. If the pain does not subside even after this medication, then he should immediately notify physician. In case of swelling drainage, bleeding of incision and signs of infection, he should immediately meet the physician (Anderson et al., 2016). Reference Adams, R. J., Lichter, M. D., Krepkovich, E. T., Ellington, A., White, M., Diamond, P. T. (2015). 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